Monday, March 27, 2017

As the Sunsets in Ilha Marajo

Early Evening on a Lonely Trial as the Sun Begins to Set

I guess you could call it an Amazonian Sunset

What a great way to finish a leisurely walk through the Amazon Region of Brazil, than to watch the sunset slowly in this peaceful part of the world. I personally enjoy being out in nature and Brazil, has a lot to offer when it come to nature or as I like to call the "The Handy Work of God." I've only scratched the surface and hope to Lord willing document some more of it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking Around Ilha Marajo

Typical Home Along the Road to Barra Velha Beach in Ilha Marajo

The Local Kids Waving To Me As I Pass By

Low Tide at Barra Velha Beach Ilha Marajo, Brazil 
One day I decide to walk to the river beach at Ilha Marajo. Good idea I thought. I was told it was only 3Km to the beach. I think it was actual more like 6km.
The Waves Were Pretty Strong at this Beach
That's okay, It was an interesting walk. I got to make friends and influence people along the way.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Children of Marajo Island

Three Happy Kids
Well,  I don't remember their names but they were more than happy to have their photo taken by me. When I ask them if  I could photograph them they came running over to me all smiles. They might not have a lot of  material things like other kids in more develop parts of the world but they sure are happy kids.