Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Nephew-Mi Sobrino

Joseph Anthony in Bogota, Colombia
Joseph Anthony in Puerto Salgar, Colombia
Joseph Anthony & Me somewhere in Bogota
Sometimes life can be unfair and deal you a hard blow such as was the case of my nephew who back in 2003 his mother disappeared.  Thank God, for a loving caring family back in Colombia, that has taken good care of him for almost the pass ten years. This young man is very focus and know what he wants in life. He enrolled himself in an English class in Bogota, Colombia, and learn to speak English in eight month so he can come to the US to study. With the help of God, I'll do all I can to support him and see to it that he will chance to succeed.

As the Bible says in Jeremiah 27: 11 For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for harm, to give you a future and a hope. 

So no matter what's happen up to this point I know that God is faithful and the gates of hell will not prevail. Thank you King Jesus!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dia das Crianças

Today was Dia das Crianças in Brazil, a wonderful day to celebrate this joyous occasion at Igreja Cristã Evangélica in Asa Norte.  Kids were brought in from the satellites cities to hear the Word of God, play games and then enjoy a good meal. You can let kids go home hungry, or adults for that fact.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Joy of Music

Raquel on the drum
Gabriela  Dancing
Without music the world would be a pretty dull place. There's not a culture on earth that doesn't play or is not effected by music. It all started with a guy named Jubal, the first musician on earth. Psalm 150: 4a Praise him with the drum and dancing. 5b & 6 praise him with the loud clanging cymbals. Let everything that lives sing praises to the Lord.  Remember if you don't praise him, the rocks will.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mass Wedding

And don't forget to KEEP you vows!!

The happy  couple Eduardo & Izabella
Here in Brazil, they have a tradition that once a year they'll have a mass wedding in a public arena with over one hundred couples getting married in the same night for all to see. It was like going to a ball game with people sitting in the stands while there love ones tied the knot. Vendor were selling beer, popcorn, roasted corn and cotton candy while these couples exchanged vows.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dry Season

Dry Season 

No one was burned while taking these photos
Well, the dry season in Brasilia is official over now, it end with the start of October. And as you can see were in need of rain. Every year right before the dry season ends it get pretty hot here and because of the angle to sun and are proximity to the equator these little fires tend to break out all over the place. However, by this time next week all this will be lush and green. Whew, I can just image how hell will be!!