Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fountain of Life

TV Tower Fountain-Fonte da Torre de TV, Brasilia, Brazil, DF

TV Tower Fountain-Fonte da Torre de TV, Brasilia, Brazil, DF
Sometime I really don't know what I want say so the other day I came across this great prayer, that to me really sums it up. We all need prayer everyday, but sometime we grow weary and its hard to pray. I don't remember were I found this so I can't give credit were credit is due.

My Prayer For You...
May God remember you like Noah, favor you like Moses, fight 4 you like Israelites, prosper you like Isaac! May God promote you like Joseph, intervene 4 you like Esther, protect you like Daniel, use you like Paul. May God heal you like Naaman, answer you like Elijah, anoint you like David.
May God bless you with handfuls of purpose like Ruth. Make you HIGHLY favored like Mary. In Jesus Name.. AMEN!!

WOW, I receive that!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013



Fran, I think shes the boss
These two sister Preta, and Fran, work hard all day long six days a weeks running a little luncheon severing all kinds of typical Brazilian snacks known as Salgados. They moved here to Brasilia, two years ago from the northeast of Brazil, seeking a better life. They are always full of energy and greet everyone they sever with a big warm friendly smile. One day while I was walking by (they had seen me with my camera one day) they ask me if  I was a photographer and I said yes and I just happen to have one of cameras with me. So, ask them if I could take their portraits and they were more than happy to oblige me.  I pray they have many years of peace, safety and prosperity here in the capital city of Brazil.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

No Corruption

Protester in Brasilia., Brazil
No Corruption, the sign reads. It normal, nobody wants a corrupt government or corrupt government officials in charge of their lives and future. People ask me all the time about the US and I must tell them the truth, right now, we have the most corrupt administration in charge that the US has ever wittiness. As Bill Clinton and other have stated "We have an amateur in the White House right now." With that said, most informed American know we have a big problem in Washington.  So, all I can think about at a time like this is that nothing is impossible with God. and that all nation around the world not just the US need to pray for there leaders, and that God would rise up a new generation of godly men and women. While some protest in and of themselves are not always a bad things the only thing that can change the world and the hearts of man is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Know Jesus Know Peace. No Jesus No Peace.  
Masked Protester- V for Vendetta 

Let the Games Begin