Saturday, September 7, 2013

No Corruption

Protester in Brasilia., Brazil
No Corruption, the sign reads. It normal, nobody wants a corrupt government or corrupt government officials in charge of their lives and future. People ask me all the time about the US and I must tell them the truth, right now, we have the most corrupt administration in charge that the US has ever wittiness. As Bill Clinton and other have stated "We have an amateur in the White House right now." With that said, most informed American know we have a big problem in Washington.  So, all I can think about at a time like this is that nothing is impossible with God. and that all nation around the world not just the US need to pray for there leaders, and that God would rise up a new generation of godly men and women. While some protest in and of themselves are not always a bad things the only thing that can change the world and the hearts of man is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Know Jesus Know Peace. No Jesus No Peace.  
Masked Protester- V for Vendetta 

Let the Games Begin 

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