Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Natal-Merry Chritmas

Santa Hanging out Before the Big Day

Two young Boys Thinking of what to ask Santa.
At Christmas time my heart always goes out to the poor and less fortunate people of the world. Thank God, that there are people who care enough to share the love of Christ with other. Even though Santa might be fun and the kids love him this time of the year the real reason for this celebration is Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. Someday, soon he will come back in all his glory to rule and rein forever and take away all the injustice in the world and make things right once and for all. No more corrupt governments or poverty, just Jesus 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ponte JK on the Lago ParanoĆ”

The Colorful Ponte JK in Brasilia, Brazil

Ponte JK Brasilia, Brazil
The JK Bridge or better know as Ponte JK, here in Brasilia, lit up for Christmas. I was trying to get a different perceptive this year so I went a little earlier to see if I could catch the sky before it went totally black. Anyways, I also thought they might change the gels this year but the didn't. The first year I photographed the bridge it was more colorful and the gels where in a different order. I've also tried different location but this one seems to work the best. There was one more spot I was going to try and shoot it from but time, traffic and rain got in the way. The bridge is also in the fight path from the airport as planes are taking off and landing making it a little more difficult to keep the streaks of lights from the planes out of the photos seeing how most of these exposure are 20 to 30 seconds long.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fried Out Kombi

One of over Three Million Kombis Produce

The Classic VW Logo

I think this one was used by a Church
Fried out Kombis, or Kombis that have seen better days. I don't think the design of the VW  Kombi has changed much since they were introduced back in 1957 in Brazil, at least the color hasn't changed, they only come in white except for these custom made ones here. Well, sad to say this is the last year they are making the Kombi so to commemorate this event of the last 600 Kombis made in Brazil, they will be, I was told by a low ranking government official available in a two tone color, blue and white. But you can always have it painted to your liking like these ones here. Just a suggestion. I'm ordering mine in well, white.