Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fried Out Kombi

One of over Three Million Kombis Produce

The Classic VW Logo

I think this one was used by a Church
Fried out Kombis, or Kombis that have seen better days. I don't think the design of the VW  Kombi has changed much since they were introduced back in 1957 in Brazil, at least the color hasn't changed, they only come in white except for these custom made ones here. Well, sad to say this is the last year they are making the Kombi so to commemorate this event of the last 600 Kombis made in Brazil, they will be, I was told by a low ranking government official available in a two tone color, blue and white. But you can always have it painted to your liking like these ones here. Just a suggestion. I'm ordering mine in well, white.

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