Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Walking Tour

I think there's a Business Opportunity Here

Beware of Quick Sand
While walking around the bustling metropolis the town of Soure, in Ilha Marajo, Brazil, I came across this old abandon building and wonder what the history of it might be. Why would a building on prime property be abandon? I could only image. Lots of scenarios went through my head. But for now it'll be a mystery until I return to Soure. So, as I continued my walking tour I came across this boat and decided to move in closer for some better photos. Big mistake. As started walking across the muddy path along the river I started sinking and I mean sinking fast. I though I was in quick sand and was wondering how to get out of this mess. The faster I tried to move with each step the deeper I sank. Finally after several minutes of struggling in the the sinking mud I managed to escape with camera in hand and totally forgot about the close up photos of the boat.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You Don't See this Everyday

Two Horses Grassing on the Front Lawn of a Home. Ilha Marajo, Brazil

School Bus Boat, Ilha Marajo, Brazil. All Aboard 

Typical Wooden Home that comes with a Pig Feeding that you'll see on Ilha Marajo, Brazil
Well,  I must admit, while walking along the mostly dirt streets of the town of Soure, on Ilha Marajo, Brazil, I came across a Horse with her young colt feeding on the front lawn of a house. I try to pet the colt but she would have nothing to do with me. And further down the road by the river I came across this School Bus Boat. First one I've ever seen.