Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Walking Tour

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Beware of Quick Sand
While walking around the bustling metropolis the town of Soure, in Ilha Marajo, Brazil, I came across this old abandon building and wonder what the history of it might be. Why would a building on prime property be abandon? I could only image. Lots of scenarios went through my head. But for now it'll be a mystery until I return to Soure. So, as I continued my walking tour I came across this boat and decided to move in closer for some better photos. Big mistake. As started walking across the muddy path along the river I started sinking and I mean sinking fast. I though I was in quick sand and was wondering how to get out of this mess. The faster I tried to move with each step the deeper I sank. Finally after several minutes of struggling in the the sinking mud I managed to escape with camera in hand and totally forgot about the close up photos of the boat.

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