Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Ten Years Later

Freedom Tower Lower Manhattan 2008 

NYC Let Freedom Ring
 It's been ten year since 9-11 and sometimes I think, it's not have far we've come since then but how far radical Muslims have made inroads into are country and way of life.
Thank God, for all the godly men and women in this nation who stand up for the truth of God's word and don't cave into Political Correctness and the likes, that weaken the fabric of our great nation.
Almost 600 year before Islam, Jesus warned about about false prophets (Matthew 7:15) Muhammad is one of those false prophet who would deceive billions. Sorry suicide bombers no virgins were you are now.
May God bless America, and give us wisdom and boldness to carry out the truth from his Word and that many people around the world would be set free and delivered from the bondage of Islam. Amen!!

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