Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wild Kingdom

14,000 lb African Elephant
Curious Toucan Staring back at me

Grumpy Rhino

Beautiful White Bengal Tiger. I love kids there Delicious!! 
Yes, exotic animals are fun to look at and admire. They are a reminder to me of the handy work of God. His creation stands as evidence of a loving Creator who is the God of diversity by creating more than one kind of species.  Some of these animals will look back in curiosity and some will just ignore you while they wait for their next meal. Take the elephant at the top he seemed very happy to have people admiring him and from time to time would put on a little show for everyone shaking his head and rolling his trunk in and out. The Toucan, also seemed quiet happy to have visitors and he was trying to get a closer look at me. The rhinoceros never move a muscle and seem to be in a bad mood. But all rhinos are in a bad mood aren't they? And last, The White Bengal Tiger. Stunningly beautiful and equally as graceful as this huge cat would strut around showing off his beauty for all to see.  

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