Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When The Sunrises

Sunrise at the Beach in Maracipe, Brazil.

Sunrise at the Beach in Maracipe, Brazil
I don't shoot a lot of sunrises mainly because I'm usually asleep and I prefer sunsets anyway. However, depending on where you are you might not have much of a choice. In this case my only choice was to capture the sunrise because there is no sunset on this beach because I'm facing east. I'm always amazed at how fast the sunrises and sets. You only have a few minutes to work before its all gone and the light is either to bright or gone. Its like life, it passes way to quick and we only have a few years to make to most of it. I guess that's way I love that scripture in the Bible that says "My time is in your hands."  God only gave 24 hours in a day and I guess that all we need. So, help me to make the most of my time.

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