Thursday, March 17, 2016


Protesters at the  Esplanade dos Ministérios in Brasilia

Patriotic Brazilian calling for Justice
Impeachment was the Order of the Day
A big protest broke out in Brasilia on Sunday (March 13th) about 100,000 people in Brasilia showed up and continues on in today in several cities in Brazil. They are protesting the corruption in the government and calling for the impeachment of president Dilma RousseffIn addition to the calling for the impeachment of the president the former president, Lula, was shall we say detain but not arrested by the Federal police for his role in the Petrobras corruption investigation fraud and money laundering. However to add insult to injury to the Brazilian people Lula, for all his involvement in this corruption, money laundering and fraud scandal was awarded a cabinet position by president Rousseff.
The sign says it all. Engouh of Corruption, Out Dilma, Out Lula Out PT

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