Monday, April 22, 2013

Make a Joyful Nosie

Edgar, leading in song

Los Cinco Rumberos de Colombia, Playing for Change 

Armando pounding out the Rhythm  
The Bible is full of versus about music and the power of music especially in book of Psalms. The Bible also names the the first musician on earth; Jubal was his name found  in Genesis 4 vs.21. David is good example of using music for power as he was called upon by King Saul to play for him to drive a tormenting spirit away. So, music in a sense can be use in three different ways.  1.Good; to glorify God through Praise and and Worship and breaking down strongholds. 2.Evil; we see this everyday especially in today's modern music from pop to rock to rap. 3. Neutral; music that is not use for moral or immoral proposes like these guy's on the streets here in Bogota, Colombia just playing some traditional music that's designs to make you feel good and you go about your daily business.

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