Monday, April 8, 2013

Mila & Gleisa

These are two of my friends that live on the streets in Brasilia. Just about everyday I see them when I'm going to work and I always pray that someday their situation might change. I've never had to opportunity to take their portrait until the other day. They were more than happy to oblige, and being typical women, they were of coursed concerned about how their hair looked. Mila is married and can not walk very well because she has a bad right knee. So, she's always sitting on the hard concrete trying to sell Jewelry that her husband makes but tells me she doesn't sell much. Gleisa, unlike Mila, is not married and tells me she eats whatever scraps local food vendors throw out. I meet her one night after it was raining and she drying her feet off with some newspapers she had found in the trash. Neither women have ever ask me for anything but occasionally I'll give them some money or buy them a cup of coffee or a snack.  The Bible says you will always have the poor and weak with you. So, I know I can't help everyone just the ones I believe God has placed in my path.

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