Monday, January 12, 2015

The Difference Between Christianity and Islam

The Wise Old Owls Say "Choose Wisely" Christ not Allah.
I will Lay Down In Peace and Safety Unafraid 

Don't Be Foolish

Gosh, we just started a new year and look what the Muslim are doing all in the name Allah....
There is big difference between Christianity and Islam. They are as day and night.
One loves its enemies and prays for them. The other murders them.
One frees women and children. The other binds them.
One welcomes conversion. The other compels it.
One suffers persecution. The other inflicts it.
One is truth. The other is a lie.
One offers eternal salvation. The other, damnation.
Islam is the poison. and a Dangerous Cancer to whole world and everything it touches. 
Christ is the cure. Christians don't need to defend God like Muslims do. A god who is insecure enough to be offended by a cartoon, and incompetent to the level that he wants you to avenge for him, is not a god worthy of worship, but a devil who is leading you to your demise. Don't be Foolish choose the Prince of Peace today, Jesus. 

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